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For the past 20+ years I have had the greatest job of capturing portraits of couples, babies, kids, teens, families, rockstars, superstars & workforce champions. I enjoy documenting all types & sizes of events, corporate and private.  I welcome all loving and positive people, from all backgrounds.

There are a lot of very talented photographers in Seattle that hold my admiration. The key to your happiness is to find someone that aligns with your own unique style and vision.  

I am drawn to real and candid moments, and my strength is finding those moments, even in situations where I set up a posed shot.  Laughter, joy, sadness, anger, frustration, grief, you can find love in all of those emotions.  Thats what I do, I spend my time looking for life through a rounded piece of glass. My purpose is to transmit what my eyes see and what my heart feels onto a printed image: to immortalize love, capture life, joy and grief in a fraction of a second.  I devote a lot of time admiring how Wes Anderson sets up a frame, I listen to a lot of the music by the Beatles and to bands that are influenced by the Beatles, and I am a fan of the images found in vintage Life magazines.  I have been a husband for 27 years and I am "Pop" to greatest 5 kids to ever walk the planet.  

Above all, I like to have fun and to be around people that like to have fun. 
If that sounds like it might be a good fit with your style, then let's meet for coffee so I can learn more about you and what you are looking for.


"What you share with the world is what it keeps of you" -Noah and the Whale. 

Professional BIO


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